Compliance Management in Financial Industries: A Model-based Business Process and Reporting Perspective (SpringerBriefs in Information Systems)

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Since the peak of the world financial crisis in 2008, compliance management has gained more and more interest from practice and research. In particular the financial service industry is strongly regulated and has to follow specific laws, standards and guidelines. Considering the steadily increasing number of legal requirements in the design of information systems is a challenge to financial service providers. This book investigates the challenges of compliance management in financial industries and provides solutions for a compliant design of information models. From a business process perspective, an approach is presented that enables the automatic checking of business process models. From a supervisory reporting perspective a modeling technique is presented that allows for modeling regulatory data warehouse requirements as well as its analysis. Besides these two perspectives the author provides insights into the perceived relationship of Information Systems and Law.

The Facility Management Handbook

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Facility management is a multidisciplinary function requiring a deep knowledge of the entire business and physical planning cycle, including the buildings, infrastructure, and people. Technology systems, disaster recovery planning, zoning compliance, furnishings, recycling programs, grounds maintenance–it all falls under the facility management umbrella. The sheer scope of duties requires a far-reaching reference for staying abreast of the latest innovations and best practices.

The Facility Management Handbook is that one essential book. Insightful overviews, case studies, and practical guidelines pave the way for successful planning, budgeting, real estate transactions, construction, emergency preparedness, security, operations, maintenance, and more. This thoroughly revised fourth edition examines cutting-edge technologies and includes new information on Building Information Modeling (BIM), contracting and project management methods, FASB and IASB requirements, distributed working, and sustainability reporting.

Balancing an in-depth look at the fundamentals with a view toward what the future holds, the book is essential reading for every facility management professional.

Toshiba Battery – Li-Ion, 6 Cell, 4000mAH, RoHS compliance version

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Rockfire Capital – About us

Rockfire Capital is a specialist investment management company providing a full advisory, execution and management service, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. We were founded in 2009 and have grown rapidly, fuelled by our ability to identify great opportunities, our rigour and speed of execution, and our strong customer focus.

We are ambitious, energetic and like businesses and investment opportunities that have the potential to stand out. We invest in companies and direct assets that can provide attractive fixed-income returns or prospects for capital growth.

Once we have invested our own funds, we structure asset-backed investment opportunities with attractive returns to enable our institutional clients and our retail customers to invest alongside us.

We do this by taking a 360° approach, managing every step of the process.

About us

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Securing Digital Video: Techniques for Drm and Content Protection

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Content protection and digital rights management (DRM) are fields that receive a lot of attention: content owners require systems that protect and maximize their revenues; consumers want backwards compatibility, while they fear that content owners will spy on their viewing habits; and academics are afraid that DRM may be a barrier to knowledge sharing. DRM technologies have a poor reputation and are not yet trusted. This book describes the key aspects of content protection and DRM systems, the objective being to demystify the technology and techniques. In the first part of the book, the author builds the foundations, with sections that cover the rationale for protecting digital video content; video piracy; current toolboxes that employ cryptography, watermarking, tamper resistance, and rights expression languages; different ways to model video content protection; and DRM. In the second part, he describes the main existing deployed solutions, including video ecosystems; how video is protected in broadcasting; descriptions of DRM systems, such as Microsoft’s DRM and Apple’s FairPlay; techniques for protecting prerecorded content distributed using DVDs or Blu-ray; and future methods used to protect content within the home network. The final part of the book looks towards future research topics, and the key problem of interoperability. While the book focuses on protecting video content, the DRM principles and technologies described are also used to protect many other types of content, such as ebooks, documents and games. The book will be of value to industrial researchers and engineers developing related technologies, academics and students in information security, cryptography and media systems, and engaged consumers.