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Auto Enrolment Solutions for Small Business in Northern Ireland

This video shows how From Acorns can supply a personalised Auto Enrolment report which explained • The Auto Enrolment Changes & when they will take affect • What Actions businesses needs to take • The Potential Fines for non-compliance • How From Acorns can provide an Auto Enrolment solution Get a personalised Auto Enrolment report […]

Essential Strategies for Financial Services Compliance

buy now [ad_1] A fully updated edition of the definitive guide to financial regulation In recent years, not only has the compliance field become firmly established, but it has seen staggering growth, thanks to never-ending changes in the regulatory environment. As regulation increases still further, the demand for clear guidance on navigating daily compliance issues […]

Building the Digital Enterprise: A Guide to Constructing Monetization Models Using Digital Technologies (Business in the Digital Economy)

buy now £23.13 [ad_1] The digital economy is at a tipping point: it finally really has the potential to become greater than the sum of its parts. With the converging technologies of social media networking, mobility, big data and cloud computing we are witnessing the birth of a new digital ‘ecosystem’. If they are to […]

Mastering the Five Tiers of Audit Competency: The Essence of Effective Auditing (Internal Audit and IT Audit)

buy now [ad_1] Risk-based operational audits and performance audits require a broad array of competencies. This book provides auditors and risk professionals with the understanding required to improve results during risk-based audits.Mastering the Five Tiers of Audit Competency: The Essence of Effective Auditing is an anthology of powerful risk-based auditing practices. Filled with practical do […]

OTC SP0 °F200013 Adjustment Tool Set

buy now £60.35 [ad_1] FCA GROUP 1. 9-2. 6-1. 0-2.4 DIESEL ENGINESThe use of qualified staff may only in strict compliance with the Benutzerhandbuches and the instructions for use shall be used.Requires the use of the tool shows signs of any access to additional use exclusively by qualified Informationsmaterial. professionals.The incorrect operation and use may […]

Carrots or sticks? Conduct in the banking sector – panel at #EBF2015 – [Excerpt]

The theme of changing culture and improving conduct has moved centre-stage in the financial services sector. Management of conduct risk may even become part of the stress tests by the European Banking Authority. How can banks handle these challenges? David Wright, Secretary General of IOSCO Alison Cottrell, CEO, UK Banking Standards Board Nicolet Jager, Board […]