It’s A Fact – 80% of Businesses Fail

The reason many fail is not down to economic downturns, regulation or changes in fashion, but simply a failure to execute an effective strategy.

pathfinder-strategy-risk-management-maps-frameworkWhether you are an entrepreneur with a solid business plan, a firm that doesn’t fully use the Balanced Scorecard, a new or established business with a new business idea or plan that needs development, you maybe a local or international company with needs for marketing plan development, strategic planning or a firm that is sick of the ups and downs of business life where it seems almost impossible to get stability and growth at the same time.

In 1999, Fortune magazine claimed that “70% of strategic failures are due to poor execution, not a lack of vision or smarts“. In 2013, it repeated this claim, stating that less than 10% of effectively formulated strategies are effectively executed.

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In a well-run company, providing robust and sustainable growth, the company’s strategy is normally determined through a series of strategic workshops with key Board members and senior staff. A thorough and robust process has been designed and integrated into the operationalisation project.

The business world today faces a crisis in strategy, but not simply because senior managers can’t formulate a good strategy; most actually can. The core of the crisis and ultimate failures lays within execution or, more accurately, the lack of effective execution.

We are not gurus, we do not have all the answers, but what we do have is a way to provide you and your firm with long term sustainable growth, development of a great culture, and can, based on the Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Map that we compile over time together, on a peer-to-peer basis, help your sales, marketing, and ultimately your whole developed and comprehensive business plan generate a clarity that gives you the market leading edge. In effect we help you obtain a direction using your market experience and understanding with our methodology.

Each stage of the strategy development and articulation is framed by the Risk-based performance management methodology and underpinned by the Balanced Scorecard.

We provide the facilitation and compilation of the entire process with you.

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