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Where Does Your Budget Go? When Engaging Consultants, Two Of The Major Expenses Are Idle Staff and Premises Most Consultancies have staff that are “Off-Project”, often for 25-30% of the year; but their salaries still need to be paid. Additionally, those prestigious, air conditioned offices with their staff and free coffee and biscuits all need […]

Looking For a Compliance Consultancy London?

Looking For a Compliance Consultancy London? The majority of compliance consultancy services are found in London due to the high concentration of financial services firms being located there. Compliance Consultant is no exception, and we have our London office located just outside the City of London, within easy walking distance of most of our major […]

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We Hear Many Secrets, Confidences & Sensitive Information In Coffee And Sandwich Shops Where Junior Consultants Are Out To Impress Their Friends Or Next Employer….. We Say No! Keep Your Secrets, SECRET Use A Compliance Consultancy That Respects Client Information And Don’t Need To Impress Anyone Else. Visit our site at http://www.complianceconsultant.org, email info@complianceconsultant.org or […]