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Dear CEO Letter for Fintech Firms – APIs and EMIs

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On the 4th July 2019: #FCA issues Dear CEO Letter to #EMoney & #PaymentServices firms on ‘Safeguarding arrangements of non-bank payment service providers’ and provide a #compliance report. The FCA report states that; The significant shortcomings we identified in firms’ safeguarding arrangements included: • poor understanding of which funds are relevant and should be segregated; […]

NEW PSD APPRoach Document From FCA December 2018

Updated FCA suggestions on operational and security risk management by Payment Services Providers (PSPs) In March 2018, the FCA produced its consultation paper (CP18/6) on its proposed approach to the application of the European Banking Authority’s (EBAs) final guidelines on security strategies for operational and security risks of payments services under PSD2. The Latest Approach […]