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Become a Health Advocate With Nutrition Certification!

Anyone would love to have a healthy body and it is always the start of a healthy nation. Many would always ask how to stay healthy and firm even if without eating most expensive foods and vitamins where only the rich people can afford to buy. Achieving a healthy body is not about the cost […]

How to Combat Diabetes With Technology

Discovering that you have to live with a condition such as diabetes for the rest of your life can be tough to accept. Living with a chronic condition like diabetes can be cumbersome, especially if it requires constant monitoring and care. While technology has not advanced as much to cure diabetes entirely, it has advanced […]

Ideas to Add Some Fun to Your Fitness Program

Finding fun fitness ideas is such a wide open proposition because there are so different ways to engage in exercise related activities which produce results and to have fun at the same time. Exercising does not have to be boring and unexciting as there are many ways to get your body moving where you can […]

Corporate Mission Statements

Mission statements have become a very common business tool with more than 50% of the companies in USA and UK having some form of mission statement. It has been realized that there is a need to clarify to the employees the purpose and philosophy of the company. The recognition of the importance of organization culture […]

Senior Downsizing

I recently became a Certified Senior Move Manager. What does that mean? Senior Move managers are certified to help seniors move from a home they have owned for a number of years to a senior center, assisted living or just downsize to a condominium. They help all seniors make the move easy and painless. It […]

Protecting Trademarks and Logos in the UK

Trade marks are used to differentiate a business's goods and / or services sold by the businesses from others in the UK, and worldwide. Your logo may take the form of an emblem, symbol, badge or crest; it may also be a shape. The decisions to be made is whether it is (1) worth making […]

Microsoft Certification – Add One to Your Resume

Add Microsoft Certification to your resume and see how it helps your career path. Microsoft has created numerous targeted certification programs. These certification programs do not just offer a new career option to those who are looking for a career, but also offers skill enhancement knowledge to those who are employed in various career fields. […]

When Change Fails, Change Again – And Again!

All of us are familiar with this phenomenon of never-ending changes in organizations. As a concept, change is fine, and shows signs of an organization adapting to its changing environment. Except that, the type of changes I am referring to are primarily about changes in structures, or more appropriately, organogram. Some organizations have this unbounded […]

In Tough Times, How Do You Get Your Staff to Move Forward?

All companies go through tough times and some go through the pits of hell and back to Earth again. How do you steer your organisation in the right direction even things look bleak? 1. Show them Your Resolve to Make it the Tough Times In tough times, most people always look at the situation and […]

Understanding PRMIA and GARP Certifications

Professional certifications are important to both the individuals that obtain them as well as the organizations in which those individuals work. In the financial field, personnel involved in risk management can obtain several important certifications from two major international groups. In today’s uncertain financial environment, professional certifications can go a long way to calm investors […]