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Can You Really Afford Generic Ongoing Compliance Support?

The problem with most firms, whether they be IFAs, Stockbrokers, Payment Services or whatever sector, is that the Compliance Officer is treated unfairly, if they are running the compliance function as a component of their job. Whether they are advising, trading or operate the financial side of the business, unlike 10 or even 5 years […]

Can You Really Afford Generic Ongoing Compliance Support?

Compliance is an ambivalent function. On the one hand you are viewed as the regulators’ ally inside the investment firm; overseeing the implementation of their regulation. Meanwhile, you are paid by the investment company and a component of their culture and hierarchy. You might say ‘front office’ (traders making the money) considers compliance the way […]

Senior Managers & Certification Regime: is your HR function prepared for becoming successful

SMCR and the inbuilt code of conduct rules are one of the strictest accountability codes of any industry with executives vulnerable to penalties including fines, jail and career implications.

SMCR: is your HR function prepared for good results

SMCR is one of the strictest accountability codes of any industry with executives vulnerable to penalties, including jail, for failings beneath their oversight.

SMCR: Your Action Points

This post summarises the steps which core and limited scope and enhanced firms are likely to have to take in order to adhere to the regime. To promote internal discussion and planning around these changes, we summarise a few of the steps which will be required relative to SMCR. Although only senior managers have to […]

Senior Managers Regime – Preparation Update – Dec 2018

The Senior Managers Regime (SMR) or Senior Managers & Certification¬†Regime (SMCR) is the most far-reaching attempt to improve industry culture and to overcome the problems faced by the FCA, bringing senior people to account for regulatory failings. It entails a significant shift in the way firms must manage regulatory risk. In our experience: It can […]

Become a Health Advocate With Nutrition Certification!

Anyone would love to have a healthy body and it is always the start of a healthy nation. Many would always ask how to stay healthy and firm even if without eating most expensive foods and vitamins where only the rich people can afford to buy. Achieving a healthy body is not about the cost […]

How to Combat Diabetes With Technology

Discovering that you have to live with a condition such as diabetes for the rest of your life can be tough to accept. Living with a chronic condition like diabetes can be cumbersome, especially if it requires constant monitoring and care. While technology has not advanced as much to cure diabetes entirely, it has advanced […]

Ideas to Add Some Fun to Your Fitness Program

Finding fun fitness ideas is such a wide open proposition because there are so different ways to engage in exercise related activities which produce results and to have fun at the same time. Exercising does not have to be boring and unexciting as there are many ways to get your body moving where you can […]

Corporate Mission Statements

Mission statements have become a very common business tool with more than 50% of the companies in USA and UK having some form of mission statement. It has been realized that there is a need to clarify to the employees the purpose and philosophy of the company. The recognition of the importance of organization culture […]