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Compliance Contracting Not Hitting The Spot?

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Over Qualified? Too Senior? The Role Is For A More Junior Person. Ring Any Bells? We know what they mean. They think you are too old or if a higher paying and more senior job came along you would jump ship. Unfortunately the young recruiters apply their values on how they think you will react […]

Rampant Ageism in UK Recruitment?

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Rampant Ageism is reducing incomes for many contractors. if you are a UK Financial Services Consultant or Contractor and been hit with the euphemisms of ageism, get in touch with your story; we might have a solution for you. We know clients will suffer with less experienced contractors giving lower quality support, but I you […]

Corporate Financial Services Regulatory Compliance Enquiry Form


Many people often tell us that they are not sure what we do. If you have a UK Financial Services Regulatory Compliance Risk Support enquiry then contact us. If you have a quite already – we will guarantee to beat it by at least 5%.