CiscoWorks Network Compliance Manager Core Software Only

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CiscoWorks Network Compliance Manager (NCM) tracks and regulates configuration and software changes throughout a multivendor network infrastructure. It provides superior visibility into network changes and can track compliance with a broad variety of regulatory, IT, corporate governance, and technology requirements. CiscoWorks NCM helps IT staff identify and correct trends that could lead to problems such as network instability and service interruption.Automated network connectivity and impact analysis – Provides automated network-wide connectivity and impact analysis for Cisco networks by identifying service-affecting problems, including the impact on interrelated logical and physical device connectivi
Consolidation of CiscoWorks NCM, DFM and/or ITEM fault analysis – Consolidates the results of network connectivity analysis and fault analysis to provide a unified view of faults and pinpoint the source of connectivity issues
Integration with third-party event manager systems – Helps improve alert notification by forwarding its network connectivity analysis to other multidevice, multivendor event management systems

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