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39af934538fad85870b48239_1920In the past few months I have been looking at LinkedIn Profiles and analysing the content in groups to see if there is any specific value in one group over another or if there are contributions that are valuable to discuss or simply inform.

My sad conclusion is that there are a lot of adverts, promoted posts, sponsored posts and a lot of material that would be better off on other social media sites, not a professional social networking site like LinkedIn. Many groups are peppered with recruiters and their thinly veiled advert blasts.

Additionally, since the mighty Microsoft have bought LinkedIn, there appears to have been many changes made preventing us from modifying what we see in our timeline, effectively allowing more adverts, sponsored posts and LinkedIn generated “promotions” to be displayed.

Please don’t get me wrong, there is a place for the ads, recruiters, good luck stories and even announcements of latest editions to families both personal and business. However, when you are a niche area such as UK Regulatory Compliance specialism, many of the groups are too big to make your input valued, or so inactive on the UK front that there is little point being there. Another trait seems to be the exception of actual real world events, to help inform the audience of news that could have an impact either domestically or internationally.

Granted, we don’t want a BBC or Sky News “Group” but I believe we need to filter the garbage out, and that is precisely what I have done in setting up the Secret LinkedIn Group called CORELIEN. I am not going to tell you what it stands for, and you cannot search for it unless you are a member. You can only be a member if you are invited to join.

What I can tell you is that there are selected data sources like the Economist, Bloomberg, Telegraph Business, Banking, FCA, PRA,, Harvard Business School and many others. The aim is for this UK Financial Services group is going to be exclusively for current and future senior executives who want discussion without interruption, bigger picture items from AML to Economics, Investments to trading.

The topics covered will be UK related compliance, an area that I think will be distinct from the previous EU discussions, although obviously retain that basis. I hope to include several discussion pieces every day and encourage comment and argument along with finding it useful and informative.

Whether you are a banker, investment manager, fund manager, MLRO, Monitoring, Head of, Director of, Global head of or whatever involved in regulatory compliance risk, all this will be focused information you might appreciate knowing and having exclusive access to. This simply collates the right elements without recruiters, advertisers, hosted posts, infomercials, push messages or Social Media quizzes filling up their feed. Unlike many other infiltrated groups, this group will help fill in the important pieces and members are invited to like, comment and share anything they consider interesting, either inside or outside the group.

I have created a group that will remain small (ish) and is strictly by Invitation Only. Some of you will have already received early invitations and hopefully will be contributing to early discussions and influencing the type of information we supply. We are in a pre-launch stage at the moment and are making the final tweaks. We only make one invitation and if declined or not taken up, will not offer it again, a register is kept of who, when, what and why.

Who am I? I own and run Compliance Consultant ( and and we are a primarily remedial compliance consultancy which is a niche or boutique firm that works under strict non-disclosure agreements. We were appointed as a Skilled Person in 2012 and have worked with several major FTSE firms, as well as smaller investment, wealth, and wholesale fund managers, and many on the retail distribution side.

regulatory,compliance,specialist,consultancy,requirements notice,s166The integrity of the group is its strength in both membership and exclusivity. We will not post huge amounts per day but will provide a range of interesting and informative items from the worlds financial news specialists, as well as the regulators and risk specialists. The whole point is to make members comfortable and able to dip in and out at will, as well as sharing information and opinions themselves to help others with their experiences, in other words, feel free to interact.

What You Need To Do Next
If you are fortunate enough to get a request to join, and wish to take up or decline that request, please let me know and, if your email address is not available on your profile provide me with the email address you are registered on LinkedIn with and I will arrange for you to be approved.

Please bear with it in the early days and give freely. Profound I know, but, we can only help each other, if we help each other.

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