Almost half of our business in 2018 to 2020 (47%) was FCA authorisation related

To become “authorised” in any time under the Service Level agreement (normally 26 weeks) is unlikely, unless you have the entire package including your regulatory business plan and policies or procedures covering the requirements set by the FCA, then it may take slightly less. One of our PSD2 Application has achieved FCA registration in 15 weeks (as of Saturday 25th Jan 2020).

We can also conduct an analysis on your business model proposition and identify whether or not you might need authorisation. Please download our brochure at
We are sure anyone you have contacted for this will provide you with a wealth (even avalanche) of information about FCA authorisation. They will tell you how complicated and demanding it can be; but this all depends on how it is approached and whether or not you have a robust preparation of the required documents and explanation of your business idea.
Your Regulatory Business Plan (see below) would also need to identify risks and the mitigation of those risks, for the FCA to assess. This is something we can help you with.

The quotations you encounter could appear very attractive!

However, this is often for only the basic service. When the regulator asks for policies for operating the business (and they will), your consultancy will often charge by the item anything up to £3,000 or £4,000 is typical. When the FCA asks questions that you may need assistance before responding, they will start the “charging clock” often up to £300 per hour or more. See a short video at
We are currently dealing with a number of authorisation and variation of permission applications from CCA, PSD/PSRs, EMIs, investment funds and fintech through to insurance companies and can offer you a simple and fixed fee when we have a good idea of your business complexity. Certain details need to be understood as these will be critical to your application, along with details of any proprietary or bespoke software and web portal used for client access.
We will need to see a copy of your business plan before giving you an exact fixed cost.
You will also need to qualify under the FCA Threshold Conditions (see

Ask about our innovative payment options!

There are generally very few “secrets” in financial services. As there are a small number of “go to” companies you can rely on, we pride ourselves in being strictly confidential. We don’t blab about our clients but some find comfort in requiring us to operate under a “Non-Disclosure Agreement” and if you wish to use it, our NDA form can be found at


If you have a detailed and robust Regulatory Business Plan and the appropriate policies and procedures in place, costs start at around £6,500 for an authorisation or registration. The typical costs for small businesses range from the £6,500 to £15,000 depending on the complexity of the business.  This consists of at least 50% (minimum £3,500) up front and the remainder split on submission and authorisation. Alternatively we can help you create your business plan for an additional cost, typically of around £2.600. We will provide the normal policy documents and the template compliance monitoring procedures as required and requested by the regulator for AN ALL INCLUSIVE PRICE.
FCA Costs can be found at and this is extra to our charges.
If you want us to amend and personalise any additional template policies, we can do this as well for an additional cost, but, as with all governance, the final edit will be down to you, as it is your business that will be governed by these documents, and you need to make sure they are all singing the same tune.
We have recently started asking for reviews on Google. If you Google, “Compliance Consultants, London”, we normally come at the top of the listing and have 5* reviews from happy clients. Just – go here, scroll down below the pictures and see the reviews. Or see below;

Whoever you choose you need to be clear on these issues. Does the price include;

    1. Qualified Compliance specialists handling your application (at least QCF Level 6)??

    2. Typical policies as required by the regulator?

    3. All forms completed on your behalf (excluding electronic signatures etc) and technical/software responses?

    4. All questions before submission at no extra cost?

    5. Recommendations on wording for text answers to explain your firm’s operations when the FCA asks?

    6. All regulator questions and requests for explanations throughout the approval process at no extra charge?

    7. Professional project management of the process?

    8. Your questions answered post submission and throughout the approval process at no extra cost?


We will provide you with “Letter of Engagement” or “proposal” spelling out what we will do for you included in the fixed price & our “Terms of Business” before you commit to anything.
If you have any further queries, please contact us directly for a discussion with our owner. As we know your time is precious, please go to to arrange a suitable time for us to discuss your needs and the direction you wish to travel.
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Or GOLD <click the link> FCA AUTHORISATION


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