Ideas to Add Some Fun to Your Fitness Program

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Finding fun fitness ideas is such a wide open proposition because there are so different ways to engage in exercise related activities which produce results and to have fun at the same time. Exercising does not have to be boring and unexciting as there are many ways to get your body moving where you can gain the benefits of exercise and have fun doing it. Here are a sample of suggestions:

o Do it with a Friend
o Switch up your Activities
o Get the Whole Family Involved

Do it with a Friend

Nothing can add a needed dynamic to a fitness regime then a workout partner. If you are use to doing your fitness routine alone get a friend involved and you can add a level of fun to your workouts not experienced before. A workout partner can offer encouragement and reinforcement only possible when you have someone there during your training. You can also help them by encouraging them to set goals, stay committed and enjoy your time together. When you go through those tough times and motivation is low a workout partner can be a lifesaver that provides the necessary motivation to continue with the workout. Maybe you can add some sound advice for your partner also by providing motivation when it is needed most. Sometimes working out with a partner adds the right atmosphere to push your routine to the next level of accomplishment and have someone there to share your achievement. Working out with a partner offers a level of camaraderie not available when you train alone.

Switch up your Activities

It really does not matter what activity is performed during a fitness program as long as the activity is able to produce the desired results. There's a host of methods available to achieve many fitness goals. There are so many varied programs available today that everyone is bound to find some aspect that is appealing to them and will lead to improving their fitness level, and these activities are fun too! Try some of these ideas if you are looking to add an element of fun and variety to your fitness program.

Hiking: with the many parks and preserves located around the country today hiking at any level is a very enjoyable fitness activity. If you add the element of photography or bird watching to the routine it may not seem like exercise at all. With the graduated hikes and cliffs hiking can offer a challenge for anyone at any fitness level.

Walking: There's a lot of very beautiful parks and scenery where walkers are enjoying an environment which hard looks like exercise. The visual stimulation and fresh air provide many health benefits for the participant. If you can find a partner or two to join you on regular walks you can add friendly conversation while you walk as well.

Bicycling: The amount of leg and cardio-vascular exercise offered from bicycling is fundamental for anyone looking to improve their fitness in these areas. When you add the excitation of the open road and the scenery to be enjoyed the hours will pass and you will not even realize how much work you have put into exercising.

Jump Ropping: This activity has been around for a long time and is very popular because of the fun and challenge it presents. It is a great cardio exercise and can be fun just to see how many new tricks you can perform with the jump routes. Weighted routes are available also and counter which can tell you how many times you have completed successful rotations.

Dodge-ball: Popular with all ages this activity is great for agility and flexibility. It requires a large range of motion and involves all the senses when performing. The number of people involved in the game allows for much stimulating interaction and makes the activity fun for all.

Of course this is only a partial list of the possible fun fitness related activities that are possible. Exercising does not have to be boring and by using a number of modes to get your body moving you can gain the benefits of exercise and have fun at the same time.

Get the Whole Family Involved

You may consider setting up a home gym and getting the whole family involved in a circuit course training rule. Many home gyms are suitable for constructing a customized training routine or you can choose from a number of pre-designed routines. Either way you can get the whole family involved by setting individual fitness goals and working together to achieve them. A progress chart can be created which is posted on the wall and updated after each workout. You can include stars for achievements and even award special privileges for consistent work and results.

Many different kinds of equipment are available for purchase which also can make exercising more fun. Here are a few:

Heavy Hoops: These pieces of equipment are simply weighed hula hoops. This type of activity can be a great deal of fun especially in the beginning when you are first learning the proper technique to keep the hoop in motion. It offers both a challenge and exercise at the same time with progressive weights for improvement.

Medicine Balls: Going back to a time when exercise was less sophisticated the medicine ball was used to develop upper body strength and improve overall health conditions. The balls come in sizes which vary also in weight. There are many different techniques that can be used for tossing the medicine balls which can potentially provide a workout which improves strength, flexibility and coordination.

Pogo-Sticks: This exercise apparatus is thought of by most to be a toy but until you actually try and use one you will soon find it takes a lot of work. The benefits from using a pogo-stick include leg strength, coordination and balance. The upper body is also used when trying to master this simple but yet effective exercise tool. This piece of equipment will provide you with many hours of fitness fun when you combine it with the company of others.

Whatever activities you decide to use to meet your fitness goals always be on the lookout for more fun filled and exciting ways to add the element of fun to your workouts. Nothing frees up the energy reserves more then fun can.

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