Lumbar Support Belt (XS/Green) Pain prevention and relief without rigid stays. Combines exclusive NON-SWEAT textile technology with excellent flexible support to deliver longer wear with less risk of dependency. Ideal for gardeners and golfers. Unisex.

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Brand New Registered Professionally Led Medical Product


The more back pain you have, the more frequently you will want to use support. The pain can be acute – sudden strong onset or chronic – when there is intermittent backache over a long period of time. A back brace can help you get through those painful periods.

After the acute pain has passed and you reach a tolerable pain threshold, use the brace “as needed”, i.e. as a precaution when your back is placed under unaccustomed strain. An “on-again”, “off again” approach will keep you from becoming dependent on the brace.

Wearing a back brace can be an important pain prevention strategy for those with a history of acute or chronic back pain. Even for those without back issues, wearing a back support during heavy exertion can help avoid the onset of debilitating back problems.

IMPORTANT: Always loosen your back brace before sitting and before eating.Provides effective flexible back support without rigid stays and reduces unwanted twisting of the spine. Use for sports and everyday activities to prevent or treat backache, muscle strain, arthritis and sciatic pain.
Professionally led design. Registered with Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). CE mark of compliance.
Revolutionary new hypo-allergenic, non-sweat intelligent fabric. Can be worn discreetly under clothes safely next to skin.
Broad fitting wraparound front closure belt. Double side-pull tension adjustment provides strong or light support and offer easy loosening for sitting.
Measure around hip below waistline: XS: 26-32”(66-82 cm), S: 33-39” (83-100 cm), M: 40-45” (101-115 cm), L : 46-50” (116-128 cm), XL 51-61″ (129-154 cm). Professionally led design. Registered with Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). CE mark of compliance.

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