Medicare Compliance for Patient Access Staff: Training for the ABN, Important Message and MSP Questionnaire

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Proper presentation of the Advance Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage, the Important Message from Medicare, and the Medicare as Secondary Payer questionnaire will provide your hospital with the best opportunity to ensure accurate reimbursement from Medicare. Registration staff must understand the basics of each Medicare rule and how they are used to deliver the necessary paperwork to the patient during the admission process and ensure proper billing. Remember, compliant best practices must begin at the time of registration!

Through entertaining and realistic scenarios, Medicare Compliance for Patient Access Staff will ensure that your staff members:
•Receive comprehensive training in less than 20 minutes
•Understand their responsibilities by watching wrong-way/right-way scenarios•Deliver each standard with ease and confidence using custom-made tools Your training video package also includes a CD-ROM with scripts and tools you can use to enhance your training program. The CD-ROM also features a 10-question quiz to reinforce learning objectives and key concepts, as well as a FAQ special report that can’t be found anywhere else
Give your staff the tools to communicate the right message at the right time to Medicare patients: Ensure CMS compliance and avoid costly appeals with Medicare Compliance for Patient Access Staff.

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