Meet Southeast Tech Alumnus Jennifer Stapleton

Jennifer Stapleton
Nuclear Medicine Compliance, Education and Training Specialist, Sanford USD Medical Center
Class of 1993
Degree: Nuclear Medicine Technology

“Southeast Tech provided me with the educational foundation I have built my entire career upon. Their partnership with other higher education institutions ensures students receive the best education and provides them the opportunities to continue their education if they wish to do so. Southeast Tech is fulfilling to those who want a formal education and start their career because it focuses on the needs of the students and providing the best academic atmosphere they can.” –Jennifer Stapleton

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Jennifer Stapleton finds diversity and career security in the Nuclear Medicine field.

Fresh out of high school, Jennifer Stapleton enrolled in college never envisioning it wasn’t going to work out. But after just one semester, she knew it wasn’t the right fit for her. She remembers, “I wanted to pursue a formal education; however, I also wanted to accomplish my goal sooner than four years.”

A Sioux Falls’ native, Jennifer was attracted to Southeast Tech because of its rapid growth and number of healthcare programs it offered. In 1991, she was accepted into the Nuclear Medicine Technology program, which had launched in 1990. “I knew that I definitely wanted to spend my life and develop my career in the medical field. After evaluating different programs, I found Nuclear Medicine to be interesting and challenging.”

In 1993, Jennifer graduated from Southeast Tech with a degree that was in high-demand and secured a position with Nuclear Imaging, Ltd., now DMS Imaging shortly after. In 2001, Jennifer accepted a position at Sanford USD Medical and has continued her career at Sanford over the past decade. She currently serves as the Compliance, Education and Training Specialist in Nuclear Medicine.

A demanding and critical position, Jennifer ensures that Sanford is compliant and meeting all national regulatory requirements set by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission as well as working with staff to ensure they have the resources to work safely around radiation. She shares, “Nuclear Medicine is a very fulfilling field that is constantly changing and evolving. I take great pride in being a Nuclear Medicine Technologist.”

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