FCA approved persons (soon to be Senior Management Regime) responsibilities are broadening and becoming more defined and personally accountable.


  1. Online courses require more time than face to face sessions

Believe it or not, you will spend more time studying and completing assignments in the online environment than you will in an on-site course. How come? The online environment is text-based and often there is little opportunity to ask questions or discuss things with your peers. In the same sense, reading your learning materials can take more time than listening to an experienced instructor deliver them; a good instructor can show you the application. When you are studying an online course, you will have a tendency to go back over the notes if you miss something and that takes more time. The point is that you will only learn more in an online environment if the course is a long one. Refresher training and “required” training is better delivered in person where you can engage and discuss all aspects of the topic.

  1. Online training makes it easier to procrastinate.

There is a dark side to Internet-based courses. The dark side starts with procrastination. Procrastination will chop you to bits in an online course. There is no one to tell you to get on with the course. There is no one to inform you of recent developments or discuss specific events that may impact your business world. Before you know it, weeks have gone by; you haven’t done your refresher training for your CPD.

  1. Online courses require good timemanagement skills.

Any Internet-based course demands that you develop personal time-management skills. As with most things, if you don’t manage your time properly, you will find yourself buried beneath a seeming insurmountable mountain of catch-up work. Online courses require the self-discipline to set aside periods of time for you to complete your training. It means you have to make online studying a priority and not let other activities interfere. Sometimes, it means making difficult choices until it gets to crunch time; you have to complete your required training.

  1. Online courses can create a feeling of isolation.

In an online course, no one can hear you scream. Studying alone with only the computer as your companion can be terrifying. The online environment is a much different atmosphere that takes some getting used to. When involved in active learning through training sessions delivered face to face, you feel part of the team, engaged and unafraid to question. You can get appropriate application of the knowledge and ask questions that are relevant to your business world.

  1. Online courses require you to be an active learner.

There is no backing down and seeking clarity for regular refresher training. You know the basics and need to com­plete the assessment without needing to have any additional answers. It’s a sink or swim proposition and you can’t have it both ways. In a face to face refresher course, you can ask questions and the instructor can challenge your thinking and show you the required outcomes. Learners with low motivation or bad study/time management habits may fall behind.

  1. Online courses don’t have an instructor.

Is that a bad thing? We believe so. Most of us will delay, put off and generally under-prioritise any training we need to do, and often we do this to our own detriment. Whereas if you are in a classroom environment, we can treat you like an adult with the respect that you deserve and provide you with the training you need on a specific subject at a set time.

  1. Online courses require that you find your own path to learning.

Own path learning is not a bad thing, but if that learning is not directed or does not take into account the latest developments or events, then you could lose your way easily. Class instructors can be beacons, lighthouses of knowledge, so to speak, but we can’t steer the ship. Whatever happens, we can go off track and bring you back and in all cases, everyone learns, and we think that is important.

So, in a philosophical sort of way, the real disadvantage to an Internetbased course is that you might not take ownership. You might not take responsibility for your studies and your own or the company’s goals. Even worse, you might get way behind and never catch up.

We are delighted to offer our professional training workshops under as an “in-house” option.

These offer fixed price solutions, delivery at your chosen location and potential savings in respect of delegates’ travel and accommodation expenses.

You select;

  • The course/s
  • The number of attendees
  • The date
  • The time
  • Chosen location (on-site or local facility)

The following workshops are available;

  • Conduct Risk
  • Conduct Risk In Practice
  • Treating Customers Fairly and Conduct Risk
  • Conflicts Of Interest
  • Approved Persons and the Code of Conduct
  • Ethical Behaviour and Compliance
  • Sensitive Data and Information Handling
  • Complaints Handling
  • Regulatory Visit Preparation
  • Market Conduct and Market Abuse
  • Senior Management & Certification Regime
  • (other courses can be made available)

What you need to provide;

  • The training facility (workshop or theatre style)
  • Refreshments and buffet lunch for all
  • Projection surface or flat screen
  • Flip chart, paper and pens (One per 4 delegates)

What we provide;

  • The facilitator/trainer/s
  • The attendees packs
  • Projector (if you don’t have one) (audio equipment available as extra)
  • A positive and valuable experience for all delegates

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