Senior Downsizing

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I recently became a Certified Senior Move Manager. What does that mean? Senior Move managers are certified to help seniors move from a home they have owned for a number of years to a senior center, assisted living or just downsize to a condominium. They help all seniors make the move easy and painless.

It is said that over the next 20 years, more seniors will be moving to various new homes for downsizing purposes than ever before. The baby boomers are retiring now and making that downsizing decision. Because we have the opportunity to purchase more belongings than in the past, the baby boomers have more to sort and donate, toss, give to their children, or take with them to their new home. Making the decision on what to take to the new home is daunting. It requires many decisions and sometimes hours or days of work. Professional organizers can help in this situation.

When it comes to sorting through all the items that have been collected over the years, professional organizers can use their organizing skills to accomplish this task. They can arrange to have items donated or shipped to any relative. Most will do the work instead of just telling you how to do everything yourself. The feelings of losing so many items can be overwhelming and very hard for many. The professional organizer knows how to handle this and as a third party provides a sounding board for many of the decisions.

Senior Move Managers can help move any senior including those with disabilities such as Alzheimer's or hearing loss. The training and certification teach them the skills to apply in all situations.

Downsizing to any new location can be incredibly stressful. Planning the move, packing for the move, sorting belongings, and unpacking can be overwhelming. Having someone there to assist can offer a great relief. Sometimes furniture needs to be arranged for safety and that is another skill the senior move managers have been trained on.

Senior move managers are a great resource especially if your relative lives out of state.

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Source by Julie Riber

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