Supreme Court Chief Justice Linked to California Court Corruption Epidemic – Judicial Council Chair Tani G. Cantil-Sakauye


A string of court corruption scandals in California – including a ticket fixing scheme uncovered by the FBI in Orange County and an alleged racketeering organization in Sacramento County – are the result of mismanagement and incompetence at the state Judicial Council, according to a report by a non-profit journalism organization.

With an annual budget of over $3 billion, Judicial Council responsibilities include oversight and accountability for California courts.

In it’s report, the non-profit Sacramento Family Court News organization cataloged a list of Judicial Branch controversies that whistleblowers attribute to ineffective leadership by Judicial Council Chair and Supreme Court Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye.

“Under the leadership of Cantil-Sakauye, the Judicial Council has been besieged by controversy, including a scathing state audit showing financial and operational mismanagement, and allegations by the Center for Judicial Excellence that the agency ignores criminal conduct by court clerks and judges throughout the state,” SFCN reported.

This video records the start of the first Judicial Council protest by the Center for Judicial Excellence “Stop Court Crimes” campaign. CJE has held ongoing protests at subsequent Judicial Council public meetings throughout 2015.

“Mismanagement of the agency by Cantil-Sakauye – a former Sacramento County criminal prosecutor with no formal education in public policy and administration – is so consistently inept that a dedicated website, Judicial Council Watcher, tracks and reports the seemingly endless stream of problems and scandals,” SFCN reported.

The report includes accounts by two court employee whistleblowers who were fired for exposing serial violations of state law by their coworkers in the Sacramento and Nevada County Superior Court systems.

Court watchdogs also charge the Judicial Council chief with cronyism and protecting her former coworkers in Sacramento Superior Court and the adjacent 3rd District Court of Appeal. Severe corruption problems, including an alleged RICO racketeering enterprise, have been documented in the two court systems.

“Cantil-Sakauye is using her position of authority to cover up the long-running misconduct of her former colleagues in both courts,” according to a whistleblower quoted in the SFCN report.

The Sacramento Family Court News article is posted at:

An investigative report detailing the structure of the alleged racketeering organization in Sacramento can be viewed at:

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