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Price Rise for FCA Approved Persons and Startups

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General Notification

Our Prices are set to rise on 1st August 2018 due to the increased costs of running a business in the tumultuous Brexit world.

All quotes within the 30 day exclusion will be honoured, but the 5% discount for advanced payment will end on 31st July 2018 – midnight.

We will continue to offer the guarantee to beat any like-for-like quote by at least 5%, so if you have a project lined up, please allow us to quote for it. Contact marketing@complianceconsultant.org

Any existing contracts will have already been informed of their respective rises and all other notifications have been provided in accordance with our Terms & Conditions.


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Finally, A Regulatory Compliance Solution That Can Help Grow Your Business


Businesses making an application for regulatory authorisation can often face an uphill struggle, insomuch as it is a process which complex and sometimes tedious. In many cases, when it comes to compliance, business face the challenge of not understanding a number of the terminologies which are used, or the interpretation the regulator adopts for specific parts of their business.

A number of the requirements may not be easily understood as they are written in the regulator’s technical jargon. The permissions for operating your business in the UK are not strictly clear or mapped to the firm’s operations, making it seem a little tenuous or even unnecessary. Without the right guidance and advice, the application can falter, stumble and also tip off the track; in extreme circumstances delaying the application time.

To assist firm’s obtain a number of regulatory issues on this path, Compliance Consultant have generated a solution that will solve this problem and make things easier for the applicant’s to comply with all the regulations and also project how they are planning to conduct their business adhering to their own unique and comprehensive, policies and procedures. The hub of this solution is the Template Regulatory Compliance Manual, aligned with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) expectations, which helps businesses to adhere to the necessary rules and procedures.

2016 Compliance Manual Open Box (22)

Lee Werrell, CEO of Compliance Consultant said that “The Template Compliance Manual solution helps businesses to grow, by ensuring that all staff are aware of, understand the firm’s responsibilities and will have allow them to adhere to the requirements. Ultimately this not only helps the firm work towards common goals, but also gains trust from the customers and reassures the stakeholders that a the firm is conducting the affairs ethically.”

Lee Werrell added that “Business has a lot to gain through conducting a regulatory compliance risk assessment and alignment exercises. If done properly will cost you money, if not done properly, will cost you a fortune“.

On launching the company’s “Pathfinder” program, a solution taking a firm from basic business idea, vision, values and strategy map construction through to strategy execution. This helps eliminate a considerable amount of disconnected elements, wrongly directed focus and errant assumptions in many firms operations, that currently curb their effective growth.pathfinder-strategy-risk-management-maps-framework

While the company offers its services to a series of different customers, it reiterates that confidentiality is something that they take into account at all times.

“Client Confidentiality is key to our success. Too often in the eateries and taverns in the city, you find consultants and contractors discussing who they are working with and worse still, what they are providing for those clients,” added Werrell stressing that Compliance Consultant treats the information obtained from the client with utmost confidentiality under a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

The company focuses on helping business increase their regulatory compliance by offering regulatory solutions which work now and in the future by applying a conduct risk overlay.

“Conduct risk is not about what you do, it is about WHY you do what you do,” Werrell, author of the book “Conduct Risk” added.

“We will help your business grow, evolve and sustainably build a strong future,” said Werrell while explaining that his company has helped a lot of the big players in the industry, and also their success was because of using only highly trained professional staff.

About Compliance Consultant

Compliance Consultant is among the UK’s leading Financial Services Regulatory Compliance, governance & Risk Consultancies. The consultancy operate across the UK, Europe and in the Middle East with growing connections in Africa and South America. It specialises in bank start-ups, risk management, remedial work (including S166 Assistance & Response), strategy planning and execution, providing governance and documentation alongside authorisation, and other advisory roles.

Contact: Lee Werrell info@complianceconsultant.org

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