The Changing Face of Compliance: Managing Regulatory Risk

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The Changing Face of Compliance looks at who is involved in the management of regulatory risk specifically, why it is necessary, how it can be achieved and improved upon, all set within the context of environments that directly influence these processes. The growing impact of regulatory change and the level of regulatory risk arising from this is increasingly high on the Board agenda of many regulated firms but how does this translate for the compliance function? Sharon Ward explores the relationship between regulation and compliance, offers insight into the effectiveness of current functions and determines the key influences on regulation and compliance. She addresses the practical compliance challenges, explains how the role might be strengthened and concludes with some bold recommendations for enhancing compliance. The text is a mix of hands-on advice, examples and research drawn from interviews with compliance officers across a wide range of jurisdictions and sectors. This is a thoughtful and timely book, whether you are concerned about the growing and changing implications of regulatory risk; the benefit of leveraging additional value from your compliance function; or ways of transforming and sustaining the function to ensure its continued relevance to the business.

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