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Where Does Your Budget Go?

When Engaging Consultants, Two Of The Major Expenses Are Idle Staff and Premises

Most Consultancies have staff that are “Off-Project”, often for 25-30% of the year; but their salaries still need to be paid.

Additionally, those prestigious, air conditioned offices with their staff and free coffee and biscuits all need to accounted for and guess what ……. 

…You pay for it!

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Also, you may not be aware that smaller consultancies are “white labeling” their services for the bigger firms when the larger firms don’t have the right expertise “in-house”.

We don’t have expensive offices, or idle staff. We use qualified and experienced consultants that are constantly busy or engaged on new training. 

We don’t have senior and middle managers to pay city salaries to, we just focus on the project, the project needs and variances and will never bus in a load of baby grads to create pretty presentations. 


When you need help or support in reviewing your compliance policies and procedures, or working to a fixed budget;

We Guarantee To Beat Any Like For Like Quote By At Least 5%

Just call 0207 097 1434 or email melissa@complianceconsultant.org

to arrange your next discussion.

If you are looking for FCA authorisation consultants, specialist regulatory compliance risk, AML specialists or any FCA compliance services, then Compliance Consultant can arrange a plan tailored for you. Often at a fixed rate. Ask Us For Information Using The Above Contact Details.



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