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Taking a PSD2 Company to FCA Authorisation/Registration?

compliance fca regulatory authorisation registration

FCA authoriastion/registration application is a subject best assisted and supported by regulatory consultants. If you are attempting the process yourself, you will need to fully understand the requirements and definitions. The worst thing you can do is listen to those who think they know what is involved. Key documents that any firm will need, apart […]

Fresh FCA propositions on functional and also safety and security threat monitoring by Payment Services Providers (PSPs).

Having claimed that, it does subject a brand-new and and also essential responsibility PSPs to report to the FCA on an annual yearly, and as well as give updated upgraded threat evaluation the operational functional as well as safety dangers connecting the payment settlement solutions give. When contracting out features associated to the repayment solutions […]

MLR 2017 – Estate Agents – How It Will Affect You? Part 1

hmrc-estate-agent-mlr 2017-mld4-gdpr-regulation-mapping

The most obvious development is that the 2007 MLR was 45 pages long and the new 2017 MLR is 106 pages long. In response to the increasing complexity of financial crime prevention and the prevalence of money laundering the regulations has become more detailed and more prescriptive. Although always a component part of the MLR, […]